Rachel R Fox

Meditation Instructor, Experience Designer, + Event Producer



"Chakra Balancing Meditation with Rachel

Rachel is the most wondrous gem you will ever meet. Her voice grounds me, and her presence makes me feel safe. I feel like I start to remember who I am. Thank you Rachel!"

- Ami P. | Yelp Review | August 2017


BLOG: Mystic Journey Yoga & Meditation Retreat

"Rachel was also available in the greeting area ahead of class to welcome yogis and practitioners. She made sure to personally meet me and welcome me. She has a warm and grounded presence, and led the guided meditation so smoothly. I came out of the class remembering one of the phrases she’d said and that especially resonated with me, "Love is power." "

- Leah Lau | Mystic Journey Meditation + Yoga | July 2017



Guided Visualization with Rachel

Rachel stepped in last minute and was great!!! Great visualization and calming voice. Hope to see her on the schedule more soon."

- ClassPass Review | Unplug Meditation | April 2017


"Where to begin?...I spent 3 weeks this summer in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.  By chance, I discovered "Unplug Meditation".  What I also discovered was a haven of peace, silence, wisdom, kindness, generosity, and Spirit.  I am truly going to miss my time at Unplug, but I am grateful for this wonderful experience.  I look forward to returning in the future.  P.S. All the front desk "meditators" were kind and helpful.  I would, however, like to give a shout out to Rachel, who radiates love, kindness, and support."

- Connie S. | Yelp Review | July 2017


"I am just not the same girl I was a few weeks ago.  I feel more like myself than ever, and so proud of the woman I’ve become and how I move through the world.  Rachel, you were a major catalyst for this and have such a gift for seeing the light within each person, and helping them to see it within themselves.  I found my joy again, and have had a pretty major life perspective shift that is impacting everyone around me."

- Sandy Struss | Speaker + Advocate| SandyStruss.com


"Thank you for what was, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding trips of my entire life....and that's saying a lot from an old 40-yr old man. I'm truly thankful I got to share the experience with you. There were so many highs and lessons I got out of it, but you're right, the kids were amazing and seeing how happy they were really made the trip for me. Also great to meet so many interesting people in the group...truly inspirational."

- Andrew Bae| Director | NBH Capital Holdings


"Thank you for keeping the whole group organized, for helping me stay on track with the photography gig, and thanks for being a smiling face at the airport when I and others arrived. It really was a pleasure to meet you in person and to have some very real conversations along the way. It was amazing having you as a tour guide in the village, and I could not have made my way around to shoot photos without you!  I look forward to keeping in touch with you and all the others that I met on this trip! I met some great new friends, business contacts and acquaintances and I hope this is just the beginning of those relationships."

- Daniel Jones | Owner | Daniel Jones Photography


"Quisiera también extender un agradecimiento a Raquel (Rachel) por todo el apoyo y la disposición. Qué gran experiencia conocer a una persona tan empática y dispuesta a darlo todo para que el resultado sea el mejor. De igual forma, te agradezco haber sido siempre respetuosa de nuestros procesos y tu capacidad de adaptarte a la dinámica de TECHO, una organización muy peculiar pero llena de voluntad. Fue un enorme placer trabajar contigo." 

José Eduardo Fernández | Gerente General | TECHO - El Salvador


"I'm still in a haze from my journey.   I've been contemplating my words as none seem to adequately contain the abundance of emotion I felt during my time in Nicaragua. The excitement, the hope, the courage, the pure gratitude and gracious hosts the people in the villages were to us was simply amazing. I am humbled to have had this experience.  I am honored that we have been invited back and will make it my goal to support the men, women, and children; to work alongside them every 6 months for the next three years. Thank you to the beautiful team (Rachel EvaShayla McGradyGeovanna AsturiasKrista Andreana YappLisa Lauren NoonRoy DeeAmy MerrillRachel R Fox) I worked with and the organizations (Integrative Wellness AcademyJourney - Travel With PurposeMonty's Beach LodgeSea Turtle Rescue Nicaragua) that helped us along the way and that will continue to help us. 
This journey, partnership, and initiative has only just begun."

- Erica Gifford Mills| Owner| Balanced Symmetree

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.
— Rumi