Rachel R Fox

Meditation Instructor, Experience Designer, + Event Producer


meditate with me @ MYstic Journey LA


MWF 7:00-7:45am

class description

Human beings have seven main energy centers in their physical bodies, as well as additional exterior energy centers existing above the head and below the feet. These centers reflect the inner condition, and can often become blocked due to stress, anxiety, and fear.

Purifying and balancing these centers can create a clear pathway for universal energy to flow through, increasing synchronicity, emotional stability, harmony with one’s environment, and the capacity for personal manifestation.

This guided mediation will address every energy center individually, from crown to root, allowing the body to align, relax, and enter a flow state.




Chakra Balancing (30 min, 60 min)

Experience a more balanced being in an individualized evaluation, activation, clearing, and personal alignment of your seven energy centers. We will address and understand the blockages in each center, and in resolving them will unleash the flow of universal vital energy into your physical body. Additional common effects of this treatment include increased synchronicity, increased energetic awareness, and improved quality of interpersonal interaction and professional performance.

Private Crystal Meditation

(30 min, 60 min)

The energy body is read, activated, cleansed, and balanced during a customized one-on-one guided crystal energy balancing meditation. Crystals and gemstones have their own individual, intrinsic healing properties, which can produce potent positive effects when used during meditation to harmonize the subtle energies of the body, and create a clear channel for the universal flow to be received and distributed. This private ceremony will take your relationship with our stone allies to the next level, expanding and elevating your awareness of crystal energy and your ability to infuse it into your daily meditation practice.

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.
— Rumi