The Glorious Degenerate

You’re a fervent kind of broken Man-
A free falling Star in the stillness of night;
Swept out from a corner of the stoic heavens,
and under the cosmic rug of instinctive fright.

There is a certain safety in failure;
a deep human conviction in the choice to flee.
There is Grace in a beautiful breakdown,
and in charred ruins of what was mediocrity.

Only the eyes of God and astronomers,
may watch a decaying star burn out,
but it romances the star-struck masses,
as its blazing Supernova cries out.

So savor in your glorious degeneration,
nod to the glassy-eyed watchers as you descend,
and fall as hard and fast as your heart desires:
every Phoenix must first meet a fiery end.

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.
— Rumi